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Overhead Crane Controls

Adaptable to every application to provide top of the line safety for your operators

Expert Crane’s control panel options have the flexibility to meet and exceed all of your control needs.  Key features include:

  • Commercially available components
  • Affordable replacement parts – average 50% savings over our competition
  • Specifically designed for your applications
Control Panel


Standard panel for your overhead cranes offering a full line of safety features.
All motions are VFD control for infinitely variable operation.
NEMA 4 Enclosure Standard
3% line reactors
Fusing throughout panel
PLC for control logic
Hard Wired system
VFD Drive fault history accessible via laptop

Safety Features Include:
Hoist overload limit
Hoist Brake Slip
Bridge Motion Warning Horn / Lights
Operational & Emergency Hoist Limits
Travel Limits

Options include:
Operational Warning Lights
Under/Over Voltage Relay
Surge Suppressor
Hoist / Trolley Safety Interlocks
Verbal Warning Horn


Technologically advanced panel offering additional capabilities to increase productivity and further improve safety.
Expert Crane Intelligent Panel features beyond the basic panel:
5% line reactors
Under / Over Voltage Relay
Surge Suppressor
Circuit Breakers throughout panel
Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Diagnostics Screen mounted externally
CanOpen through Ethernet communication in panel
Expandable PLC
Verbal Warning Horn
Hoist / Trolley Safety Interlocks

Options include:
Magnet Control Interconnection
Remote Diagnostics
Full Data Logging Capability